MAANZ - Reports and Articles

As MAANZ completes reports and papers, these are made available to the public. The following are available through the Secretary or are available for purchase from the MAANZ Conservation Laboratory, Hikitia, Queens Wharf, Wellington. (Open most Saturdays)

Rifleman Report Cover

The Riddle of the Rifleman (2012)
In 2012 MAANZ issued a report authored by John McCrystal, Bill Day and Jack Fry. Launched at a MAANZ event in May 2012, the event was billed as revealing details about a mystery Auckland Islands shipwreck. The Auckland Islands conjures up visions of the General Grant and its cargo of gold (see 'The search for the General Grant below) - however until now this wreck had been known by divers as 'the half-crown wreck' - not the artifacts that were hoped for.
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Mahanga Bay Wharf

Mahanga Bay Wharf Archaeological Survey (2005)
In 2005 MAANZ completed a survey of the historic (demolished) Mahanga Bay wharf. This report provides historical context for the wharf as well as technical details of its construction and of its remnants; still on the harbour floor. Report. published.
Cost: $10 plus any mailing fee.

Hydrabad on Waitarere Beach

Investigation of the Wreck of the Hydrabad (1998)
In 1997 the Waitarere Beach Progressive and Ratepayers Association invited MAANZ to undertake an investigation of the Hydrabad (wrecked 1878) to help in the decision of its future. Report Summary
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Investigation of the Wreck of the Hydrabad (2010)
In 2010 a further MAANZ visit was made to the Hydrabad with the aim of recording more details of the site as it had changed over time. This report summarises content from the 1998 report, includes new material and adds a  range of photographs showing the site changes.
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The search for the General Grant
The General Grant is by far New Zealand's oldest known treasure ship, though many others have already given up their coins and jewellery this vessel still eludes the many who have attempted to seek a fortune from its grave. This is an interesting and informative article looking at the many attempts to find the vessel and recover its gold. Article
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AIMA bulletin by David Churchill, 1991
In 1990 the president of MAANZ submitted a paper to AIMA. It outlined the state of maritime archaeology in New Zealand, and to introduce MAANZ, it was published in their bulletin "The Bulletin of the Australian Institute for Maritime Archaeology" 1991 Volume 15 Number 1. Article
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