The members of the Maritime Archaeological Association of New Zealand are people either working, studying, or who have an interest in the field of maritime archaeology or similar. People with a strong interest in our coastline, coastal defense, marine biology, archaeology and history also find membership rewarding. Many of the members are divers, some are experienced in wreck diving, while others are moving toward this interesting and exciting field.


Members receive a monthly newsletter and can attend many activities as well as regular meetings. MAANZ has members located throughout New Zealand with its committee meetings held in Wellington. New Zealand's rich maritime and inland lakes heritage and history provide ample opportunities for valuable MAANZ membership from people located throughout the country.


Because of similar interests, Wellington-based meetings are commonly held in association with the Maritime Friends of the Museum of Wellington City & Sea. Subjects presented are wide ranging from maritime archaeology to wartime exploits to current maritime projects. MAANZ occasionaly runs specialist training, lecture series and field trips on maritime archaeology themes each year. MAANZ members operate a Wellington-based metals conservation laboratory.

Membership Fee:

NZ$25.00 annually.

Applying for MAANZ Membership:

Complete the application form (below) and post to the MAANZ Membership Secretary. 

MAANZ Membership Application (PDF 99 KB)