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Te Whaka
1910 at Ferguson Bros, Port Glasgow
Original owners
Lyttelton Harbour Board
Present owners
Sold for scrap
Single screw, Ferguson Compound Steam engine. Coal-fired Scotch boiler
324 gross
L 126.08ft; B 26.08ft; D 8ft
Original use
Grab and hopper dredge
Present use
Scrapped, September 2012
Contact Details
Contact name  N/A
Address N/A
Web site  ODT article 2 Nov 2012
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Steamed out to Lyttelton via Suez Canal and Colombo, Djakarta, Fremantle and Melbourne. Remained in Service in Lyttelton until 1987. During this time the original Scotch boiler was replaced in 1965 with a slightly smaller one from the Greymouth tug Kumea. The original steam driven grab crane was also replaced that year, this time by a Priestman diesel crane. The vessel was laid up until 1993, when she was bought by the Te Whaka Maritime Heritage Trust and towed to Dunedin in March 1994. The intention was to convert her to a passenger-carrying vessel for excursions on Otago Harbour. The crane, which is in poor condition, was to be removed. In 2008 the trust sold the vessel to Auckland-based Clevedon Steamship Company. It is understood from the ODT report that the scrap metal recycling business of  Everitt Enterprises became the final owner. In November 2012 Te Whaka was placed on the Birch Street slip in Dunedin  where she was scrapped.

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