NZ Historic Ships
A database of historic New Zealand Ships and Boats

This site was prompted by the initiative and format of the International Register of Historic Ships by Norman Brouwer published by Chatham Publishing and the activity World Ship Trust

It is believed that a New Zealand Historic Ships database modeled along the lines begun by Norman Brouwer will assist historic ship and boat owners in New Zealand and overseas, and researchers in their effort to research, maintain and restore vessels. Sharing of information on type of vessel, materials, histories, locations and related news will assist their cause.

This site is maintained by the Maritime Archaeological Association of New Zealand (MAANZ) and has been made possible by the enthusiasm of a student group from Victoria University in Wellington. MAANZ also acknowledges the support of the Museum of Wellington City and Sea for providing the initial hosting of this site until other resources became available.

Provision of the data and forms for the initial 35 vessels is gratefully acknowledged to John Ackrill

Updating will be done by MAANZ, and links are encouraged to other relevant sites. Please email with any corrections or suggestions.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this site has been provided to the best of our knowledge and is accurate as far as we know. We expect this information to be improved over time and welcome revised, improved and expanded information as that comes available.








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