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1926 by Fleming and Ferguson, Paisley, Scotland; crane by Sir William Arrol & Co Ltd, Glasgow.
Original owners
Lyttelton Harbour Board
Present owners
NZ National Maritime Museum, Auckland
Steam. 2 compound engines each 175IHP, coal-fired Scotch boiler
762.25 gross; 357.78 nett
L 48.88m; B 15.95m
Original use
Floating crane
Present use
Museum exhibit; out of service
Contact Details
Contact name  
Address NZ National Maritime Museum, Cnr Quay & Hobson Sts, Auckland
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Telephone 64 (0)9 373 0800 Fax  
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Sailed out from the UK under own steam with crane jib stored on deck - 107 days on passage. Operated mainly in Lyttelton with a period in Wellington and then Solomon Islands during WW II. Towed from Lyttelton on 19 July 1993, arrived at Auckland on 23 July 1993 and now out of service as a floating exhibit at the National Maritime Museum, Auckland.

NZ Marine News Vol. 43, No.1.

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