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Waireka (Happiness & Joy)
1908 by Yarrow & Co, Glasgow. Re-assembled by A Hatrick & Co , Wanganui
Original owners
A Hatrick & Co, Wanganui
Present owners
V Crozier
Motor, screw in tunnel, 40HP
6.3 gross; 4.7 nrt
L 62.9ft/19.12m; B 6.6ft/1.98m; D 1ft/0.31m.
Hull, steel; Wood deckhouse
Original use
Cargo and passengers
Present use
Contact Details
Contact name Vance & Mandy Crozier
Address 6 Liston Ave, Taupo
Web site

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The longest serving of all the Wanganui riverboats. Design based on the Maori river canoe and used in the uper reaches of the Wanganui river. Winches, cable and poles were used to traverse the rapids. Thought to hold the riverboat record for the fastest time from Taumarunui to Wanganui, a distance of 144 miles and 239 rapids and this was achieved with two blades broken off her three-bladed propeller. Still in service on the Waikato river where she runs a service to the base of the Huka Falls.
The tunnel-hull riverboat Waireka was removed from the slip cradle at the end of Takarangi Street, Putiki on 18 January 2000 as a result of complaints made to the District Council. The dilapidated Waireka had lain on the Putiri cradle for seventeen months and had become the target of vandalism. The hulk was re-located to a site at the Balgownie landfill, Heads Road, property under the jurisdiction of the Wanganui District Council.
In early June 2000, Mr. Vance Crozier (part owner of the hulk) said that on 2 May 2000 Waireka was transported from Wanganui to a secure yard in Turangi. Mr. Gordon Ford, an aluminium boat-builder, owns the yard. The present intention is to rebuild Waireka for further service on the Whanganui River to be based on Taumarunui.

NZ Marine News Vol.47, No.3, Vol. 48, No.4.

Waireka was launched on the Waikato River on 3 October 2005 as a tourist attraction.

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