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1925 by George Niccol, Auckland
Original owners
Devonport Steam Ferry Co Ltd
Present owners
Toroa Preservation Society Inc.
Steam, Aitcheson & Blair, Glasgow, screw, 51HP
308.66 gross; 197.19 nett
L 131ft/39.93m; B 31ft/9.45m; D 9.9ft.
Hull, Kauri timber over steel frames; wood superstructure.
Original use
Passenger ferry
Present use
Being preserved.
Contact Details
Contact name Mike Dimond
Address Toroa Preservation Society Inc., PO Box 34 205, Birkenhead
Web site

Telephone 64 (0)9 418 1683 Fax  
Mobile   E-mail dimond@ihug


Launched in 1925, the last steam powered passenger ferry built for Auckland harbour. She served between Devonport and Auckland city until her retirement in 1980, and with her original machinery intact she is probably the last steamer of her type in the world. Sank at her moorings on 1 June 1998 during restoration. Raised on 7 July 1998 and berthed at the Stanley Bay wharf, Devonport, Auckland. Restoration slowly continuing.

The Toroa Preservation Society are still hoping to preserve the vessel, but in September 2001 she was looking in a sorry state, missing her funnel and large sections of her upper superstructure, and presenting in appearance a formidable task for her owners to achieve. (NZ Marine News Vol. 47, No. 2)

In July 2006 the vessel was being restored on land at Henderson.

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