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George T Niccol, Auckland, 1910
Original owners
John Wilson
Present owners
86 gross
L 72ft/m; B ft/m; D ft/m.
Original use
Cargo Scow
Present use
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Owned by Wilsons (NZ) Portland Cement 1918-1925, engaged in bagged cement trade from Mahurangi to Portland.

In service on Cook strait for Karamea Shipping of Nelson from 1960 but struck a rock near Karori Light on 12 Dec 72 and declared total constructive loss.

Arrived in Port Chalmers Feb 73, bought same year by Portland Enterprises of Invercargill. After further sale, dry-docking and refit at Port Chalmers in 1975 was to be used by Mr Peter Young for private cruising. By 1980 owned by Mr Ray Mathieson and moored at his home town of Owaka.

Lying in a dilapidated condition at Pounawea on the Owaka River Jan 1999. Item on TV news late April 2000 - for sale and restoration.

Early history in NZ Marine News Vol 24, parts 3 & 4
Photo in NZ Marine News Vol 48 part 2 p 94/5

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